Weekend in the Catskills – March 9-12, 2012

Spent the weekend at a house in the Catskill Mountains (NY) March 9-12, 2012. Had a great time!  It was Junot, Tony, Mark, John, Marty, Brian, German and Franco.  The house was gorgeous!

We went on hikes, cooked brunches and dinners and drank lots of alcohol!  🙂  Marty cooked an amazing gumbo the first night.  Only problem was the glass lid shattered into the pot right before serving, so no one was able to eat it!  Sandwiches, chips and vodka become the last minute dinner spread.  The second night, German and Franco cooked an amazing meal!  Steaks, salmon and sweet potatoes with green things (and a regular baked potato for Junot, of course!!)!

Sunday was a fun hiking day.  It ended in a big splash!  Mark decided he could jump over a frigid running stream and land on a smooth, rounded, slippery rock on the other side.  Didn’t work out so well and he ended up falling into the fast moving stream and swept into an icy swimming hole.  It was scary for him… hilarious for everyone else!  There is a video out there!  🙂

All-in-all it was a fabulous time with good friends!



(Photos by John Michael Rodriguez)

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  1. Gilda Foradada says:

    Very nice Pictures. Very well orgainze!

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