Copenhagen – June 2012

The second stop on our 2012 summer trip was to Copenhagen.  We arrived in the early afternoon of June 26th and settled in for a quick nap after staying up all night the night before in Iceland!  We stayed at a great apartment we found on AirBNB. It was centrally located right off of the main shopping street.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city!  It reminded us of Amsterdam to a certain extent.  There was a lot of construction going on in the city.  It felt as though every town square was under construction. lol

We pretty much just wandered around the first day and hit a couple of bars.  Called it an early night to try and catch up from all of the partying in Iceland.  🙂

On the second day, we set out to explore the downtown area and then made our way over to Christiania.  For those of you who have never heard of this part of Copenhagen, it’s a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood in Copenhagen that considers itself to be independent of Denmark.  They have their own rules and don’t pay taxes to the government.  It’s been a controversial topic in Denmark for many decades.  Check out the wikipedia article for more info.  This part of town feels like Amsterdam in more ways than one!  😉

Unfortunately, one of the few “laws” in that part of town is that no pictures are allowed, so don’t look for them in the gallery below.

We wrapped up the day by going out to the gay bars and met lots of people and had a great time!

On day 3, we explored Rosenborg Castle, where the Danish crown jewels are stored.  They were fabulous!  But seriously, the grounds were gorgeous!  Later that morning we met up with our private tour guide who took us on a crappy tour of Malmö, Sweden and then to Kronborg Castle in the town of Helsingør.  I don’t remember the name of our tour guide since he had no personality and was awful. Luckily, we were able to part ways after a couple of hours.

We finished our third day by going to Tivoli, one of the oldest theme parks in the world.  Tivoli is right in downtown Copenhagen.  It was such a cute park with lots of restaurants and rides.  I would definitely recommend it as a place to take a stroll in the evening when the weather is nice.

Our last day in Copenhagen we spent exploring more neighborhoods that we missed the day before.  I can’t say it enough… Copenhagen is such a beautiful town to just spend the day wandering!

Our last night in town, we met up with another couple that our new friends in Iceland, Guðni and Jon, hooked us up with.  Sveinn and Christian were a blast!  Two of the nicest guys we met on our trip.  We went to dinner and then out to the bars.  I wasn’t sure if I was having deja vu from Iceland, but the “night” ended with us heading back to the apartment in the morning hours to hurry up and pack and rush off to the airport!   The nice thing is that we plan to go to Iceland for New Year’s Eve and Sveinn and Christian will also be there!  It’s going to be a crazy NYE!

So, off we went to catch our flight to Nice!


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