About Junot & Tony

It all began back in November 2004, Junot met Tony in Clearwater, FL. I was 37 and Junot just 24. Who’d ever thought that this many years later we’d be playing catch-up with a website to fill in all the blanks. 🙂

So let’s see, where to begin? Junot lived in a big house in Tampa with several roommates: John-basically his brother, they grew up together; Colleen-who he met through John; Ryan-the house owner and friend; and Lovan-Ryan’s girlfriend and also a friend. They were a pretty cool group. 🙂

Tony lived in a cool apartment on the water in Clearwater with Sally, his Pug.

It was late in November, the actual date is still in question, but we know it was somewhere between the 24th to the 28th.  Needless to say we hit it off.

We have two spoiled rotten dogs, CJ the Puggle and Patch the Pug.  You will hear us refer to them here and there as “The Boys.”  CJ is Junot’s cuddle buddy, if there is a nap to be had, CJ is there with him.  Patch, on the other hand, will love you, lick you and then go lay down by himself–well, most of the time. Patch is definitely Tony’s snuggle buddy though.

So follow along and go on new adventures with us, as well as revisit some of last years.  You will meet some of our friends, that is of course if you haven’t already met.  And you’ll be able to follow along as we travel the world!


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  1. renee' chandler says:

    I have always had pugs in my life. They make a bad day better, nd a better day great!

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